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Волосы для наращивания на капсулах и лентах

The best
Russian hair
for extension

To produce our hair extensions, we choose only Remy hair originated from Russia, CIS and Central Asia. Selected hair are being classified according to Slavic or Southern Russian premium and luxury types.

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  1. The color shades of hair
  2. Hair tapes for Express hair extension
  3. Hair tresses
  4. Strands with keratin capsules
Обучение наращиванию волос

Belli Capelli hair production

Belli Capelli has its own factory in Yukhnov city, Kaluga region. 100 women citizens mastered the skills of postiche makers in the past 3 years.

Hair extension techniques and equipment are certainly borrowed from the experience of the leading countries in this area. However many technological stages are our own inventions.

We do our best to offer you beautiful glossy hair of different length and colour. Postiche making and hair treatment are mostly meticulous manual work that needs much attention and experience.

Get rid of uncertainty!

Self-confidence is the motto of a modern independent woman. That’s the way to attract men’s attention nowadays!

The only contra indication for hair extension is hair absence. But even such a case is not the reason to be downhearted as Belli Capelli experts can help you choose a wig. The wig made from natural hair will satisfy your demands.

Парики Hair for extension
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